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IFCT was founded in 1999. This intergroup unifies all French-speaking cooperative groups involved in lung cancer treatment and research.

This intergroup has several objectives :

  1. To perform phase III studies necessitating the inclusion of hundreds of patients (ASCO 2010 Plenary session with IFCT-0501 trial, 451 elderly patients)
  2. To perform epidemiological studies and a survey is currently conducted about the management and survival of lung cancer patients aged more than 70 years : 500 patients have been included in 6 months.
  3. To perform biological studies linked to the therapeutic trials. This is the case for the new neoadjuvant trial.
  4. To insure post-graduate courses in thoracic oncology
  5. To organize an Annual Meeting

The current president of IFCT is Prof. Gérard Zalcman who has been elected in 2011.

All the specialties involved in thoracic oncology research and lung cancer management are represented in the administration and scientific boards.

IFCT was labeled in November 2012 by Institut National du Cancer (French National Cancer Institute - NCI).

Key numbers : 400 members, 250 investigator centers, 700 patients enrolled by year

Headquarters : 10 rue de la Grange-Batelière 75009 PARIS (France) - Tel : +33 1 56 81 10 45

Website :

ASCO 2011 - Posters on line : BIO-IFCT-0002 C. Mascaux and coll - IFCT-0504 J. Cadranel and coll 

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